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Urgent Advice Needed

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    Urgent!!! Advice Needed

    I am currently taking calculus II, and didn't do so hot on the midterm yesterday. I had to take the test on webassign(proctored). The instructor says partial credit will be given, but my webassign score was a 50%. I did not have a problem with the calculus involved, but the problems given were very computaionally intensive. For example::

    I had a solid of revolutions problem y=-x^2+12x-35, so I made a mistake somewhere squaring that, I also had a partial fractions problem with a denominator of (x-1)^2(x^2+1), and somewhere in the 4 equation 4 variable system I made a mistake, and the list goes on.

    I guess my question is, has anyone bombed a test solely due to computational errors. My mechanics in solving these problems were 100% correct, I guess I just had a bad day. I got an A in precalc and cal I, so this is my first bad expeiriance. I know some did pretty well on the test, now I am just wondering if I should rethink my major?
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    Re: Urgent!!! Advice Needed

    You're panicking for no reason. If you like the technology involved with electrical engineering, and you're comfortable with EE courses than stay.

    If not, change.
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    Re: Urgent!!! Advice Needed

    If your methods and mechanics were 100% correct, then there's nothing to worry about. Computational errors are silly, they shouldn't be the reason for you to change your major :smile:

    Just be more careful with the computations next time :smile:
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    Re: Urgent!!! Advice Needed

    Everyone has bad tests. Still, you must have made a lot of computational errors to receive a 50%. Were you rushing through the problems? If so, why?

    I usually attribute computational errors to not being careful and organized. In this sense, I don't think your question about whether you should change your major follows from the the issues you're having. Choosing another major would only be a reasonable solution if you no longer have any interest in electrical engineering.
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    Re: Urgent!!! Advice Needed

    Next time just make sure to double check everything as you do the problem. I personally don't like to double check after I've finished the test, I found it much easier to force myself to double-check while I'm doing the problem.
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    Re: Urgent!!! Advice Needed

    If you like what you are studying, you should stick with it. But as you continue taking exams in engineering courses there will probably be many opportunities for computational errors. I might suggest that, whenever you are reading your textbooks or lecture notes, you work through all the steps of the math yourself as a way to continuously practice. You will probably become faster and more accurate.
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    Re: Urgent!!! Advice Needed

    Ended up with a 96% after partial credit. Maybe I should relax. Thanks!
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    Re: Urgent!!! Advice Needed

    WEBASSIGN SUCKS, does not give partial credit whatsoever
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