Urgent - Charge to mass ratio Question

My last question that needs to be completed today..

Determine the charge to mass ratio of the (pi)- particle of He (3 nucleons) 2 electrons. The charge to mass ratio of the electron is 1.76 x 10^11 C/kg

q/m = charge to mass ratio
all sub atomic particles have a charge of +/- (1.6 x10^ -19C)

a)predict which particle has a greater mass - the electron or pion. Justify your answer referring to charge mass ratios

b)Use the value of th elementary charge (1.6x10^-19 C) to calculate the mass of the pion particle in kilograms. Compare the mass of the pion to the mass of the electron..

Can someone point me in the right direction i have no clue where to begin.
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nevermind figured it out.
I have a similar question that I can't figure out part B to, does anyone know how?

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