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Homework Help: Urgent Fluid Q

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    I dont know the answer to this because i cant find it on the net or textbook, i need to know a type of fluid that is one where density varies throughout the fluid system? (Eg, a fluid system of oil and water among others)

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    Most liquids are relatively incompressible, meaning that density doesn't change much under pressure. If you need an example of one fluid at multiple densities, look at what happens to air at high altitudes.
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    Yeh, but whats the name of multiple fluids in a system, because this is a type of fluid with different densities throughout the fluid system?
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    Do you mean liquid or fluid?
    In any system that has a compressor the density of the fluid will change throughout the system (think about fridge cycles) or closed cycle steam systems.
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    Its supposed to be A ..... fluid
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    A fluid can be either a gas or a liquid.
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    Yes im aware of that. I just dont know what fluid its called, one where its density varies throughout the system?
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    The density of the atmosphere (or other fluid columns) increases with depth.Density variations occur in fluids due to convection currents.You have already mentioned oil and water and you could extend this to any system of immiscible fluids.
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    Could it be... a heterogeneous fluid?
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    Yes,such fluids can be defined as heterogeneous.
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