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Urgent help for the relation between H_{s,\theta} and H_{i,\theta}

  1. Apr 23, 2012 #1
    On a conducting planar surface, with a plane wave illuminated,(s for scattered field, i for incident field) in spherical coordinates under the tangential boundary condition that:
    which is E_{s,\phi}(\theta,\phi)=-E_{i,\phi}(\theta,\phi) and
    then what is the relationship between
    H_{s,\theta}(\theta,\phi) and H_{i,\theta}(\theta,\phi), respectively
    H_{s,\theta}(\theta,\phi)and H_{i,\theta}(\theta,\phi)?

    I need to figure out this urgently, many thanks!!!
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    LaTeX isn't enabled by default, you need [itex]code here[/itex] and [tex]code here[/tex].
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