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Homework Help: Urgent Help, Humidity

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    The temperature of air is 24 c and the relative humidity is 62 %. Find the values of the other quantities that characterise the moisture of the air (partial pressure of water vapour, dew point, absolute humidity).

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    http://www.chemtutor.com/gases.htm#dalton gives a pretty good explaination of the partial pressures.

    http://www.weatherwise.org/qr/qry.dewpoint.html [Broken]

    gives an explaination of dew point calculations, albeit a little confusing.


    http://www.gorhamschaffler.com/humidity_formulas.htm [Broken]

    gives the formulae for determining absolute humidity.

    Now, judging by the info you have there, you should be able to do all calculations. You can google what you want to find and get decent explainations and formulae too.

    Eg. Calculating+Partial+pressure

    Jordan Veale
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