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Urgent - Help my Internet Explorer has broke?

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    I have Windows Internet Explorer, the version that has tabs like Firefox, but it has brioke, and this is a major problem, since it is the only computer I have that runs Mastering Physics.

    When I load up it starts up with a white screen. The address tab is at the top, but the status bar/tool bars do not display. it was you get before the page loads. It doesn't get any further, and does not close down, even through task manager.

    Does anyone have any ideas what could be the problem?

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    Have you tried doing a System Restore to a time before the problem started?
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    Have you tried restarting your computer? You could also try to reinstall it or check for an update. How are you able to get to this forum if it is not working?

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    I don't know but Mozilla Firefox is a lot better browser with more functions and it is free.
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    Seconded, perhaps the OP might have some luck with a different browser.
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    Currently, my internet came back on after switching it on/off several times. Another thing is I have the 'Three' mobile broadband, and it was plkugged in when it wouldn't\ load, when I switched the computer off and unpluged it, switched it back on, and thge interent explorer started running - I always load the internet explorer first though



    (The previous message was posted using a back-up computer)


    The current copy of Internet Explorer I got through the Windows Update, it asked me if I wanted the up-to-date version. I said yes, and personnally, I prefered the old version. this version has difficulties opening up new pages, such as the when a new message is posted on th forum, I get an E-Mail update, sometinmes I have to clik four times on the link in the E-Mail to get it open, and sometimnes it just jams. Most annoying.
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    Most newer versions of programs usually use more memory than their previous incarnations, assuming people can fork out cash for memory additions and upgrades. Twenty years ago, newer versions of programs were optimzed in a different way than they are done these days.

    Something I noticed on a slower computer, is if some applications run out of memory, there are no warning messages, and these applications hang, even though page swapping is supposed to occur!
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    reinstall :)
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