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Homework Help: Urgent help need with complex and circ functions.

  1. Apr 11, 2005 #1
    Hi I've been working on my assignment for ages and am down to the last two questions (finally) which I've been working on for ages and can't work out.

    1. For g(t) = 2sint+cos2t over 0 <(equal to or greater than) x < (equal to or greater than) 4pi
    show that -3 < g(t) < 3/2 (< greater than or equal to) for all t.

    2.a) For x and y real, solve the equation iy/(1+ix) - (3y + 5i)/(3x + y) = 0
    b) Z = (1 + iw)/(1 + iw - w^2). Assume w > (greater than or equal to). Find and then sketh |Z| and arg Z as functions of w.

    I really need help with these asap. Thanks in advance.
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    Do you know calculus?It might help for the first problem...

    As for 2a),by equating to 0 the # in the LHS,u'll get a system for "x" and "y".

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