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Homework Help: Urgent Help Needed (gases)

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    Urgent Help Needed!! (gases)

    I need some urgent help with figuring out how to find the distance which 2 gases will meet in this question..

    Given: Samples of HBr gas and NH_3 gas are placed at opposite ends of a 1.80 m tube.
    Question: If the two gases are allowed to diffuse through the tube toward one another, at what distance from each end of the tube will the gases meet and form solid NH_4Br?

    Thank you to anyone who can help me with this, or at least set me in the right path.

    The distance must be in Cm as well..
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    One may assume that the gases are at the same temperature.

    Apply kinetic theory of gases and determine the mean velocity which is a function of molecular mass.

    If one gases travels distance d in time T, then the other must travel 1.8m-d in the same time.
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