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Urgent: Help Needed on Ampere's Law Probolem (Totally Lost)

  1. Apr 13, 2005 #1
    The question is:

    Between two long parallel cylinders of radius "a" and "b" (non-coaxial) and an axal separation of "c", a steady current of "I" flows. (See attachment below) Show that the inner cylinder (radius "a") has a constant magnetic field. Use Ampere's Law. [Hint: 0 = 1 + (-1)]

    Could someone please show me step by step how to do this, I am completely lost.

    Thank You

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    This is interesting, I would suspect the simple fact that i(t) is constant would tell us that H(x,y,z,t) is also constant... wouldn't this fact come from using amperes law to show that the H field around the wire is simply

    [tex]H=\frac{\mu_0i(t)}{2{\pi}R}[/tex] ?
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    And btw try not to double post :D
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