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Homework Help: Urgent help needed on Nuclear bomb and missile delivery

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    as part of my third year degree in Maths I have to give a 10 minute oral presentation of the atom bomb :eek: . I'll start off by quickly giving a historical overview of the experiments that led up to the discovery of radioactivity and the model of the atom etc and then intend to focus on about 2 or 3 main areas.

    I was thinking about talking about some equations that approximate blast radius and damage etc and also do some work on trajectories which would have been inportant for intercontinental missiles during the Cold War. The problem I have is that I really can't find anything about the A-Bomb from a mathematical view point.

    Can someone please give me a point in the right direction with a few useful links and helpful advice. Also, is there any other topic that I could explore associated with the a-bomb from a strictly mathematical stand.

    Cheers :smile:
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    Dig up G.I. Taylor's dimensional analysis solution for the blast radius. From that he approximated the released energy. Or something like that. I heard that example on a course a couple of years ago so I'm not sure on the details. Try googling the relevant terms.
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    I think , starting with some simplicity , if you know complete dynamics about the trajectory of rocket propulsion, it will help , I an atom bomb , fission takes place and if you take that mass is exhausted by the missile carrying the atom bomb , it almost resembles a rocket trajectory .

    As the mass is emitted by the missile , the missile carrying the atom bomb goes forward.The equation is given by:


    F_ext = M_o \frac{dv}{dt} + V_r \frac {dM}{dt}

    Where [itex]V_r[/itex] is the relative velocity between exhaust gases and the missile .

    dM/dt = Change in mass of the rocket with time...

    You can also add the effects of "g" on the missile by taking the [itex] F_ext [/itex]
    in context with "g"


    I will try to chalk out some more for you ...give me some time..
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    Try the high energy weapons page


    I believe it's under "effects", but I didn't double check. The whole page is a good resource for your subject.
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