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Urgent help needed with phone

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    Hi, I don't know if this is the right place but i am facing a strange problem with my T290i. It is just kept and it just reboots by itself. I do nothing. Once this happened I switched it on it said Charging error stop charging. It was not connected to the charger. All this happened by itself.
    Any help in any form.
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    Sometimes my T200 acts up. I pull out the battery and put it back in. And that seems to fix the problem.

    I also suspect that sometimes the battery and casing is getting twisted while in my pocket. I'll hear it reboot itself while in my pocket.
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    No. That does not work. I have tried everything possible. Taking out the batterry, using a different sim card. There is something more serious I suppose. I don't suppose there is a 'virus' out on the loose that affects this phone. I always thought that my phone was safe as no person would bother to create a virus for it.
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