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Homework Help: Urgent help Young modulus how to hold masses

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    Urgent help!!! Young modulus how to hold masses

    In a young modulus experiemnt Ieed to holdp the msss i decdied to use hole puncher at both ends I relsiedthis woodnt work becaue strech properly

    I culd use bull dogclips but masses may make it fall off

    Wha do u nomally use in a young modulus experiment to hang mases
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    reply plzzzzzzzzzzz

    life an death situation
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    Please don't do that!

    Now please write clearly with proper English, and describe the geometry of one's system.

    Young's modulus is most often determined in a tensile testing rig, rather than with a suspended mass.

    What is the specimen geometry?
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    well its a striaght forward experiment

    Stand vertical, boss and clamp horizental with meter stick ruler vertical,

    Testing strips of plastic

    If i Hang the mass off a hole at the bottom then it will only strec from that point

    I just want to know what to use to hang the masses off

    only other thing i can think of is a bulldog clip

    and sorry i offended u wid explanation marks lol
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    No offense - just annoying. :smile:

    So the specimens are plastic tape? thread? of which one knows the cross-sectional area.

    One has the load and displacement from which one calculates stress and strain from which one calculates the elastic modulus?

    Other than bulldog clips, which might work one could use cyanoacrylate or super glue (or other strong adhesive) and glue the tape to itself after looping over a horizontal bar.
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    rite thank you

    I fort there mite b some specific eqiupment for this

    dont have to answer

    wot d u do now work/ college/uni
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    I work in an engineering company. My primary work is thermo-mechanical analysis, and part of that is understanding materials testing from which one develops constitutive models for various analyses.
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