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Homework Help: Urgent HW help

  1. Apr 10, 2008 #1
    Urgent HW help!!

    In this problem you will calculate the inductance of an inductor from a current measurement taken at a particular time. Consider the L-R circuit shown in the figure. Initially, the switch connects a resistor of resistance R and an inductor to a battery, and a current I_0 flows through the circuit. At time t=0, the switch is thrown open, removing the battery from the circuit. Suppose you measure that the current decays to I_1 at time t_1.

    PART A
    Determine the time constant tau of the circuit.
    Express your answer in terms of t_1, I_1, and I_0. Recall that natural logarithms are entered as ln(x).

    PART B
    What is the inductance L of the inductor?
    Express your answer in terms of R, I_0, I_1, and t_1.

    Please help!
    I know tau=L/R but i dont know how all those other variables come into play and since I dont know what L equals either, so im not sure what to substitute into the equation to figure it out
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