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Urgent: Hybridisation

  1. Apr 27, 2009 #1
    The problem is as follows:

    Decide if the following pairs of orbitals overlap to form a σ bond, π bond, or no bond at
    all. Explain your reasoning in each case, including a sketch of the orbitals. Assume the
    bond lies along the z-axis.

    (a) 2pz and 2pz
    (b) 2py and 2px
    (c) sp3 and 2pz
    (d) 2py and 2py

    And here are what I think the solutions are:

    (a) 2pz and 2pz will form a σ bond as they are on the same axis and will over lap end-on-end

    (b) 2py and 2px will form a π bond as they will over lap side by side

    (c) sp3 and 2pz will not form a bond as the next hybridisation is sp3d orbital which contains an electron from a d orbital

    (d) 2py and 2py will form a σ bond as they are on the same axis and will over lap end-on-end

    If these are wrong could, could you please hint to why, and if I have managed to get something from the textbook (i.e., they are right) could you please help with expanding on the ideas.

    Many thanks for your time and replies
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    Remember the question stated...
    It might help to draw a picture of these two orbitals approaching each other along the z axis and then determine what type of interaction you might expect.
  4. May 2, 2009 #3
    thank you, i have now solved the problem as i didn't quite understand what the problem was asking
    and i realised i have posted this in wrong section of the forum, sorry
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