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Homework Help: Urgent: In need of essay reader !

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    For one of my semester finals, my teacher wanted us to write a paper on the New Deal. He did not specify any sort of topic except to be very analytical. We were required to read several texts and incorporate it into our writing.

    the first text is FDR's speech in October 31, 1936 in Madison Square Garden. Basically, it's before the election day and he tells the public what his goals are, and what he did.

    the second text is huey long's "share our wealth" speech in which he believe the new deal program is a failure and thus gives his own version of what would work. he wanted there to be a maximum amount of money in which one person can make (8 million)

    the third and final text is Herbert Hoover "Confused State of Union," in which he talks about the failure of the New Deal and how it created more trouble instead of fixing the problems at hand.

    Given those texts, I decided to write my paper on the New Deal and the role of government and how important it is.

    This essay is due on friday and i want to get as much readers for this as possible !! so please message me an email or anything at all and I will send it right away ! I really appreciate it if someone can help me out. Thanks in advance.
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    please, can anyone help ?
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