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Urgent matrix help please

  1. Aug 7, 2005 #1
    Ok, i missed the class on finding the inverse of a matrix, and i only have a little bit of an idea on exactly what row operations i can do, when i try to make the matrix = its identity.

    Another question im stuck on.

    I have 2 , 3 X 3 matrixs B and C respectivly.
    The question is find A if AB=C, and i know B and C
    Now, i know i cannot divide matrix's, and im stuck as to what way i should travel to find the matrix A.
    Thanks guys ! :shy: :uhh:
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    [tex]AB = C \Leftrightarrow ABB^{ - 1} = CB^{ - 1} \Leftrightarrow A = CB^{ - 1}[/tex]

    You only have to find the inverse of B.
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