Urgent Mechanical Properties at high temperature

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Urgent!! Mechanical Properties at high temperature

At first, My cordial respect to all members.

I need help regarding my research study.
I read a paper by Yaguchi, M., T. Ogata, and T. Sakai, Creep strength of high chromium steels welded parts under multiaxial stress conditions. International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping, 2010. 87(6): p. 357-364.

From this paper, i selected a specimen. Now i need some mechanical properties.
Specimen: Welded 9 Cr steel Tube (9Cr-1Mo-V-Nb)
Parent material: P91 steel
Weld material: TGS-9Cb

I need the Mechanical tensile properties (At 650 C) for both P91 (Base Metal) and TGS-9cb( Weld Metal).

The properties are,

At 650 C

Poison’s ratio, ν = ?
Yeild Strength, σy (MPa) = ?
Yeild Strain, εy = ?
Ultimate tensile strength, σUTS (MPa) = ?
Ultimate tensile Strain, εUTS = ?

Without these properties, i can not go ahead with my research study. I have no other way but to ask you for help.

Any kinds of help would appreciated.

May God Bless you all.

Waiting for your valuable advice.
Re: Urgent!! Mechanical Properties at high temperature

What good would finding the properties of the weld metal do you its going to be changed as soon as you weld it- depending on an enormous number of factors- including dilution, current, weld cleanliness.......

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