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Urgent Need Help

  1. Jan 4, 2005 #1
    A block is on a piston that is moving vertically with simple harmonic motion. a)At what amplitude of motion will the block and piston sperate if the period of the piston's motion is 1.18 seconds? b) If the piston has an amplitude of 5.12 cm in its motion, find the maximum frequency for which the block and piston will be in contact continuously.
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    a) The block and piston will seperate when the force of the piston(assuming it is constant) equals the Force of gravity. So you know the acceleration of the piston must be 'g'... I assume the amplitude of the motion is the distance travelled in 1/4 of the period.

    b)Although I said the acceleration must be 'g' to seperate, we can also use it for the max frequency for the block and piston to remain in contact. Basically just work backward except frequency = 1/T
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