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Urgent questions regarding plots results for computational theories for blunt bodies

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    I'm working on a hypersonics project in which I'm calculating the pressure and temperature using the Newtonian Method for a calorically perfect gas, Modified Newtonian Theory for a calorically perfect gas, Modified Newtonian Theory for a thermo-chemical equilibrium assumption.

    I'm not sure if my pressure and temperature plots are correct for the TCE assumption. If I recall correctly, for the TCE assumption the pressure won't vary significantly but the temperature will. These pressure and temperature plots show this but I'm not about the order of magnitude. For the TCE assumption I'm using an iterative process that was outlined in class. I believe that this procedure is correct, because I calculate and plotted the pressure coefficient and the shape of all three curves are similar and the order of magnitude is not extreme. Could someone explain to me if the plots are correct? I'm a bit drained to think clearly and I've been going around in circles with this.

    The pressure, temperature, and the pressure coefficient are plotted against the wetted distance of the blunt body scaled by the radius of the blunt body; s/Rb.

    Pressure coefficient plot
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