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*Urgent* Request Cancer Information

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    My good friend's wife is dying of cancer. She has "final stage, inflammatory, breast cancer", or something like that. I need whatever information (perhaps some links or references) anyone has on the possible cures (particularly something "natural").

    Also, does anyone have information on "benzaldynide" (not sure of the spelling)?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sorry to here that. You should not rely on anything that anybody says in these forums; unless one is a certified MD. A professional has to be contacted; if money is a factor, look for any free-medical clinics around you, there should definitely be some. You might also want to ask your questions on web MD.
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    cancer treatment

    My mom died of ovarian cancer after fighting it for 11 years. She took some kind of tea that she found in a health magazine, and was convinced it helped her to stick around as long as she did. Sorry but I don't know what it was exactly. I saw/heard about something recently called 'SeaSilver'. It's a liquid vitamin/mineral supplement to strengthen the immune system. Sounded fascinating. After seeing solid vitamin pills come out of my dogs' rear-end, I've been wondering what benefit I'm actually getting from my supplements,so I ordered some for myself. You might want to check into it. Some hospitals have doctors that specialize in natural medications - that's where I'd start. Good luck.
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    I wish your friend's wife luck, but there's very little they can do once it has metastasized extensively (final stage.)

    Here's the emedicine article on breast cancer: http://www.emedicine.com/plastic/topic521.htm

    The National Cancer Insitute's info on alternative therapies: http://www.cancer.gov/templates/list.aspx?viewid=14821490-ee6c-4e7c-80b5-c4fb3cbbb07e [Broken]

    And their page on benzaldehyde: http://cis.nci.nih.gov/fact/9_3.htm [Broken]
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    Sorry to hear about your friend's wife. My mother died from Breast cancer and my sister had it and survived.

    My sister is convinced that her mental attitude played a major role in fighting this disease. She had a rather negative attiude going in then she underwent an amazing transformation of character during her fight. She became determined not to let it win. This was not easy for her to do, because our mother died after she was diagnosed with the same disease, she had to distance herself from this realization and wasn't even able to allow herself to mourn as she would have until years later. She also was trained as an opera singer and some of the treatments made her lose her voice. She was told she may never sing again.

    My sister also followed all of the doctor's recommendations and underwent surgery, reconstruction surgery, a bone marrow transplant and chemo therapy.

    Your friend should try and not feel sorry for herself, she needs to keep her hopes high and not give in to dispair. This is not easy to do, but the mind does have amazing powers to cure the body. My sister is a deeply religious person and also believes that prayer played a role in her recovery.

    Take it for what it's worth, but my sister is clear of cancer today (nearly ten years later) and she sings professionally part time.
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    Thank you, damgo.
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    So that's why they are doing "positive linguistics" with her. Hmm. Interesting.

    Yeah, I guess it does make sense that your attitude should play a large role in how easily you overcome the sickness.
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    To help her, those close to her should feed the positive thoughts and refrain from adding to, or even avoid acknowledging, the negative thoughts.

    It's hard, but it could help.
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