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[urgent]String theory and poincare invariance

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    My question concerns poincare invariance (I have left out the accent) in bosonic string theory. As far as I know, action of a 1-d String is described by poincare invariance. So my question is: why poincare invariance? And here comes the more ambarassing question: What is poincare invariance(deriviations are more than welcome)? I am refering to Polchinskis first volume of two ,named "Introduction to bosonic string theory". The page is given below...Thanks for any help!

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    Vanadium 50

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    Why is this urgent?
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    Don't know just for fun. Thought it might accelerate messages :) .
    Thanks for your valueable input.
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    You should first understand special relativity before jumping to ST. See e.g. any book om QFT, like Peskin&Schroeder. Or try Zwiebach.
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    I have only studied Universitys QM in depth esle I do mathematics. So is poincare invariance part of special relativity does Zwiebach cover metrics?
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    Yes and yes. I think Zwiebach is the book you want :)
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    Thankyou haushofer.
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