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UrgentPlz help me out

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    Urgent::Plz help me out!!!

    I have to calculate max allowable shear stress for the C-hook i have attached the drawing.
    The material is structural steel. The radius of curvature of each curves is 100mm and the cross section is rectangular 160X10mm. The load line is shown it is 254mm from left. Load value is 1150N. There is similar load at the bottom plate.

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    Re: Urgent::Plz help me out!!!

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    Re: Urgent::Plz help me out!!!

    Thankyou cyrus. i know i have lack of planning. but plz help me if u can.
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    Re: Urgent::Plz help me out!!!

    You will have to show some work. I'm not going to do your work for you.
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    Re: Urgent::Plz help me out!!!

    i have done the calculations using "winkler-bach method", but the value of stress is so minimal that i think there is something missing.the value i am getting is -22Mpa and 9.8Mpa. i have considered only the moment due to the load i.e 1150*.254, will there be any other forces.
    I am not asking you to do my work for me, if u could understand. i am very stressed as there is only few days left and have to calculate the loading for 3 more similar structures.
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