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UROV Problem

  1. Feb 23, 2016 #1
    Im working with a UROV and I have a technical scenario that Im supposed to solve. It seems pretty easy but i keep getting ridiculous answers.

    Assuming a max thrust of 5 N for 1 motor/propeller, for the forward direction only, use the above information to determine the Max Velocity, the Time to achieve this velocity and the Distance traveled. Please be sure to state all assumptions.
    Calculate the Drag Force at Max Velocity

    My robot has 2 thrusters thrusting forward and 1 upward, it weighs 5.68 lbs, and we are testing them a chlorine pool.

    I was trying to use F=ma to get the acceleration then use constant accel equations to get the other parts but I think theres too many unkowns.
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    Looks like homework
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