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Urs bid for amazing loop understanding?

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    Sorry, I don't see how Puthoff's paper has any bearing at all on Urs' paper which works out the implication of the Virasoro constraints on the loop-space formulation of string theory. Could you enlighten me?
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    Dick, I 'm sure I had seen a relevence?..not to all of Urs paper, I was reading up on a number of papers before Urs paper. Dorothea Bahns?..Canonical Quantization (think I posted a link somewhere?), and the PV representation of Putoff and Maccone, sent me reading up on Levi-Citiva formalism?

    You are more qualified than most here to pass judgement, I did see a little of Urs paper refers to a specific line of action,(I have only read Urs paper once, and once is enough!) Just Kidding

    I will try and go back through the motions of how this came to be.

    Feel feel to delete links as you find fit, I am now moving into Parametrics (downconversions) and the interesting 'side-effects'.

    Thanks for taking the time to show how the Constriants of Visaroro have no baring on Levi-Citiva effects.
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    Ranyart, you mention Dorothy Bahns' paper, http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0403108 . This one came up in the discussion of Thiemann's quantization over on the String Coffee Table. She proves you can't use Canonical Quantization (sensa strictu) to quantize the basic Nambu-Goto action of string theory. Thiemann called his quantization canonical, but it wasn't, so her proof does not affect his paper.

    While we're on this topic, Urs sent me by PM the urls for the Meusberger-Reherens paper on quantization of the bosonic string, http://arxiv.org/abs/math-ph?0202041. This was another paper referenced at the Coffee Table, and Rehrens was actually briefly drawn into the discussion.

    So now the peanut gallery is fully stocked with programs, and we can hope to tell the players apart.
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