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US and G-8 should cut off all its AID to Africa

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    Do you think more people should die becoz this 6 billion + pop cant be sustained with the ever reducing resources. We'd propbably have wars soon. And so I proclaim all state benefits like free medicine, etc should be banned to all(except my family). People should be even more greedier(except when they're dealing with me). US and G-8 should cut off all its AID to Africa. People should welcome natural disasters like Tsunami, etc.
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    I think we should start by cutting off internet access to all ISP's in India.
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    Then who's going to give you Tech Support ? :rofl:
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    He's still right about one thing,though.Overpopulation is a heck of a problem.

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    Mal-distribution of resources is a bigger problem.

    Birth control is perhaps a more viable solution. As long as the rate of death exceeds the rate of birth, then the population slightly decreasing.

    I would not welcome the death of anyone other than from natural causes at a ripe old age.

    BTW - we already have wars - too many in fact. One war is one too many!
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    for sure,war isn't a good solution.
    You know for some people esp. in undeveloped countries,children are hobby or respect,power...
    maybe developed countries should create more hobbies for young people instead of starting a war!
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    lol, i like controversial!

    Just not enough corners in the world!
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    False premise....
    ...based on misleading statement.

    If some of the countries with the most population (specifically India and China) got out of the 19th century with their farming techniques, one of our biggest needs wouldn't be that scarce.
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    Of course you know this kids now trying to get your goat.{american slang}
    Points to Chound...if your done with your studies, go outside and play!
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    I dont like goats.
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    Chi Meson

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    Nature seems to have a remarkable ability to control populations. Whether it be famine, pandemics, or homicidal events, populations eventually follow an up/down cycle, flatten out to a plateau, go chatoic (huge and unpredictable up and down spikes) or decline. Humans will probably be able to achieve the plateau.

    Where will this plateau be? 20 billion is a number I've heard somewhere. Whatever that number will be, sometime relatively soon the global deathrate will have to match the birthrate. It's chilling when you think about it.

    I'd recommend that everyone keep the birthrate low, but my wife and I have just produced three kids. I'd be a hypocrite.
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    You know this kid is clever enough to know overpopulation is getting to be a serious problem.but he's not so clever to know there are other solutions(except war..) for this problem.Well, scientists are trying to find other sourses of energy...
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    I have decided I will not marry.
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    i saw a news report on cnn recently that said most european countries are going down in population. they said it attributed to lack of religion or something and they kept going on how it was such a bad thing. i dont know how they could possibly see it as a bad thing lol considering less dependence on religion and lower population is a good thing
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    Because an ageing population that are living longer and longer have to be sustained by a diminishing number of tax-paying workers. With less workers, the economy suffers and becomes less competitive, making the problem worse.

    In the short term (20-50 years) it is a BIG problem, although as you say, in the longer term a smaller population may be better for all concerned.

    It is nothing to do with religion - it is to do with wealth.
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    Was it really your decision, or that of the female population? :tongue:
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    chound, i reccomend that you take a class called 'western culture 101', it'll be a great help and will improve what others think of you.

    friendly advice brought to you by:
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    Death - it is the last thing I plan on doing in this world. :biggrin:
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    I agree with chound. If we kill everyone in India that will knock out ~1/6th of the world population and make everyone else in the world more happy and give us plenty of resources for a while: We should do it!
  21. Jun 16, 2005 #20
    Chound makes good points, but I don't think he emphasizes the problem enough. 6 billion people are only sustainable through widespread use of oil for farming and transportation, which will not last more than a hundred years or so more. A plateau is therefore impossible. The only potential salvation from massive famine is a technological miracle. This might come from AI, I think, and/or genetic modification, if it comes at all.

    People will never support death. Also, trends toward birth control and decrease in population are reverse eugenics; they cause the educated and healthy to have fewer children and do not have as much effect on the uneducated. With the short-term cultural IQ gain we are seeing, perhaps it won't matter so much in the hundred years we have left before the final crash, but if a technological miracle does happen to prevent the crash (replace oil) then it could be a problem.

    Also, two or three people in this thread (fibonacci, Fred Garvin, and possibly Andy) ridiculed chound based on no counter argument. Apparently, they, and especially fibonacci, just didn't like what he was saying. That's not fair to chound. Even if you two or three were joking, you weren't joking in a nice way.
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