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US funds an Americas Quantum Gravity School

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    US funds an "Americas" Quantum Gravity School

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) has now committed support to a 10-day school for advanced PhD students and beginning postdocs aimed at getting more people into Quantum Gravity research. This committment is a first for the NSF.

    The school will be held in 2010 at the Morelia campus of Uni Mex, right before the start of a big triennial General Relativity and Gravitation conference (GR18).

    What is interesting, I think, is how this practice of having schools to enable young researchers to enter the QG field has been pioneered by the European Science Foundation (ESF).
    The ESF has a QG arm which started supporting stuff only fairly recently: in 2007---conferences, workshops, travel... And it has funded QG schools in 2007 and again in 2009.
    Here's a partial list of things the ESF QG organization has done:

    For us, the schools' lists of people and topics are useful windows into the research areas which the administrators think are promising. For example the Corfu school now going on (14-19 September) has 5 minicourses on main general areas taught by leading people and then some 20-odd talks by specialists in specific active lines of research. See for instance http://www.physics.ntua.gr/corfu2009/qg.html So you can tell something by looking to see what's on the menu.

    Already the fact that the NSF is funding its first QG school tells something, and the fact that it is scheduled right before the big GR19 conference, a short hop or long bus-ride away. http://www.gr19.com/index.php [Broken]
    GR19 will have 500-some people from all over and will cover everything from numerical relativity, to gravity wave detectors, to dark energy and dark matter measurement, to cosmology, to early universe, to black holes.

    So it will be interesting to see how the first "Americas" QG school shapes up, which we can do by watching this site:
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