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US Government and UFOS

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    What do you think that the US government is hiding in the papers that were "Inked" (The papers pertaing to UFO investigations)?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Which papers specifically?
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    I do remember watching a show where a guy working with a computer program was able to enhance a Roswell letter held in the hands of a AF officer in a old photograph. Background: The photo was a 50's era one, black and white, taken of an airforce officer. Specifically, the one where they were fooling with the foil like substance.
    Remember, this is before people even conceived of computer enhancement.

    When he zoomed in there was talk of 'victims' and 'crashed craft'. Obviously the weather balloon is a crappy alibi meant to cover up the truth. However, from there the truth is hard to determine.

    One question we should be asking is 'Are extra-terrestrials visiting Earth'?

    Most UFO cases can be explained away easily. However, there is that few that can't be explained. There was a legit debunking project decades ago done by scientists. It turns out, they withheld information that was inconsistent with proving that UFO's are just swamp gas or aircraft. I mean, a memo got leaked that explicitly said some things were amiss.

    So there is a cover up of some kind. Whether or not it is about aliens is another thing.

    The universe is a big ass thing and we can't even be sure there is just one universe. Don't you think it would be improbable that as large as this universe is, there is no sentient life or otherwise life other than our own?

    I think the weirdest stuff comes from our ancient history. Monuments and artifacts that humans of that time could not possibly have done. Even today, there would be some difficulty in achieving such things with all our advanced technology.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Page one of the UFO Napster above:

    I'm still not sure how much confidence we can assign to this claim. The correct reading of this document is not as obvious as is implied, however what I have seen is most interesting.
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    It's obvious that SOME kind of coverup is going on. Weather it's aliens or goverment projects, something doesn't add up.
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    I agree! On the note of impossible monuments, one ex. is the belief that the Egyptians built the pyamids all on there own with almost no technology. I say belief because I heard of an attempt to make a scale model of the Great Pyramid and they gave up, the tolerances were too much, and they had high tech stuff and a bunch of money too. Though I doubt the work of aliens on the pyramids, ancient man obviously hasn't gotten the credit he deserves.
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