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US man burns himself to death (war protest)

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    http://www.infoshop.org/inews/article.php?story=2006110800212324 [Broken]

    just crazy....
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    Takes some incredible mental will power to kill oneself for a cause such as this. I can't even imagine taking my life in such a way.
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    Such a waste of a life for nothing.
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    One less idiot in the world.

    Bye byeeeee.
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    LOL HALLELUJA...And what will be the result of this great act of protest ?
    Ofcourse NOTHING

    I would say : a job well done...
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Obviously the guy was ill.

    I remember a Vietnam vet who protested something... I don't even remember what now, by lying on a train track while a train was approaching. His legs were amputated just below the waist and the whole thing was caught on camera. It was certainly a very strange and horrible thing to watch.
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    A stupid waste of life, he could go and try to kill the president and suicide (that could stop the war thought.), instead of a stupid suicide just for nothing.!!! :devil:
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    he surely demonstrated the thermodynamics of a burning human being... other than that, nothing was accomplished.
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    i expect that being non-vilolent to others was part of his philosophy
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    Did he really think that the added effect of burning would sway the president's decision? Why not join a lobby group or something? :uhh:
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    One maybe thinking of S. Brian Willson, a member of Veterans for Peace -

    A protester who chained himself to some railroad tracks in Europe near the border between France and Germany was killed when hit by a train.
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