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News US - Pakistan relationship

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    If you've been following the news recently, you are probably aware that Gen. Musharraf faces the threat of impeachment - a big reason for his not attending the Olympics in Beijing.

    But it may be a lot worse than that. According to Newsweek:

    That's only a day away. We'll know pretty soon, I guess.
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    Why can't we exile our failed politicians? :(
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    Apparently Musharraf has resigned. It's not clear at present where he will go next.
    http://news.yahoo.com/story//nm/20080818/wl_nm/pakistan_politics_dc [Broken]
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    wow...what do you think the coming president will do?
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    Let us hope he uses good sense. Pakistan is a nuclear weapons holder. I am definitely in favor of their not using same on anyone.
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    I meant regarding US-Pakistan relationship. I have a Pakistani friend who says that Pakistani's were let down by the US in their war with India. Moreover, they don't feel that the US has benifited them as much as they hepled with Bush's "war on terror".

    Do you think he'll maintain the relations with the US or will he try to win over the people?
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    I feel he should go with his people. I am from India and whatever news i heard here says that the common people in pakistan want a healthy relationship with India. So, by going with people, he can tackle the indo-pak problem and then with India on his side, Pak won't need much assistance from US in majority of situations.
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    To have normal relations with India means that they have to give-up Kashmir, which is a matter of national pride for both nations. I think the best solution,however,is to have a public election where the people of the state gets to choose which country they want to be part of. India & Pakistan are spending a great % of their budget on weapons (espeically Pakistan which spends about 50+% of its total budget on the military). Peace or normal relations would benifit both nations very much.
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    I agree with the solution. Probably UN can supervise the election procedure, so that there is no risk of partiality or cheating. Actually, I think when the division was done in 1947, J & K was under some king and the king had decided to merge it in India. Somebody please correct me on the above point if I'm wrong.
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    you are right , I think but this is not the case now. Same with Palestine and Israel, if we are going to go back adn say "this event happend xx years ago and that is why we are right and you wrong" , this attitude is not going to get you anywhere. There should be pressure from EU, US and UN on this issue, but there's isn't because I think that no one wants peace in the world. US has a policy of feeding "low-intensity" conflicts.
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    The political situation in Pakistan also doesn't seem very good. The present coalition is not very strong and there's a fair enough chance the two parties will fight to take control over the kashmir issue. So its very important a neutral group(UN or something like that, which is respected by both nations) takes command over the situation.
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    The coming president won't do much of anything. The current governing coalition will fracture shortly after Musharraf leaves office, with the resulting factions all vying to fill the power vacuum, and nothing much getting done in the way of governance or policy. It's the next president after that who might actually do something.
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