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News US social welfare

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    I am from UK, my area only publishes local news, I don't know much about America,
    Tell me something about US social welfareplease...How are people's lives ? How much money can one recieve when he-she retires ? Do all people have better chances to get an education ? etc.
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    Thats too general a question. It could take hundreds of posts. It really is different for every person. There are so many changes by race, age, sex, location, income, I dont think you can really speak of 'average' American. You might be able to talk about average within a typology.
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    Ok, could you tell me about crime rates in some states? Which one has the lowest number of criminals ?
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    Do you live in the city? Do you live in a high rent area, low rent area? Are you in a minority community? It all depends where you live.

    I would want to live in washington dc, but I would not want to live in south east washington dc. It all depends.
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    Ok Maryland
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    What part? I can take you to some posh places (bathesda-chevy chase), or I can take you to some slums (........cough cough baltimore).
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    Unfortunately ner-do-wells are attracted to such programs, such as seen with recent Katrina scams. Medicaid is assistance designed specifically for physical disabilities, mostly the elderly. Once again, this system is scammed, but the worst offenders are those in the Medical industry. Worse yet these are professionals (e.g., Doctors) who make above average incomes, yet over charge not only Medicaid but also health insurance companies in general. Nationalizing health care would probably make matters worse from this standpoint. The fraud is what needs to be controlled in order to bring health care costs back down in the U.S. -- That and county hospitals/emergency care, where medical care cannot be refused to anyone including illegal aliens.

    I believe the average Social Security check is around 1,500 a month, and this retirement income comes from a system Americans pay into during the years of life that they work. Company pension plans are all but a memory, so Americans are responsible for covering the rest of their retirement costs on their own.

    Crime rates constantly vary, and can be checked via Internet searches.
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    Google is your fried, Rotan72...
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    Are you looking to move to the US and live off of the government? Your best bets are Alaska and Wyoming. Both states have very low crime rates (little to no population density) and each also has a permanent fund set up that pays all state residents a yearly amount simply for living in the state. Prices are high in Alaska, though, and I'm sure the weather can't be great, so Wyoming is probably the safe choice. I'm sure it's boring and a bit homogeneous, but you can live the simple life.
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