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USA Iraq cover up

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    this whole invasion of iraq by the usa is just a cover to something else.
    I believe archeologist excavating under saddam.h must have found some extraterrestial connection to modern man or something simillar. :approve:
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    A brilliant use of sarcasm to highlight the enigmatic human tendency to look for exotic conspiracies and/or supernatural forces at work in everyday events! Is it in our nature to be suspicious of our leaders, to believe that "the truth is out there", and to believe that there are bigger wheels turning out there as compared to our sometimes mundane lives? Is it a genetic quest to be part of something bigger than ourselves?
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    Some years ago German archeologists found what appears to be voltaic cell in excavations in Iraq.Pretty interesting hmm?Maybe there is more of this and
    more complex .
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    RE: "I believe archeologist excavating under saddam.h"

    I didn't know he was that fat.
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    lol @ John.

    He's been on Atkins.

    But anyhow, that sounds like an interesting story, which, even if not true should make for an enjoyable waste of time. Any links?
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    So called Bagdad Battery found in 1934 outside Bagdad by some German archeologists,"battery" was dated to be from 300bc.They found traces of Vinegar inside (electrolite). Simillar one was found in Egypt.
    That is all I know ,but check on the net for more.
    PS. In year 1934 Hitler was the Leader of Germany.My conspiracy theory makes more sense now.
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    Hmmm... Battery... Baghdad.

    Battery... Baghdad.

    Battery... Baghdad.

    I see another link.
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