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News USA Makes Deal With Terrorists

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    The USA has made a deal with the People's Mujahideen, which was labeled as a terrorist organization by the US State Department in 1997.


    In other news, in the Philipines (I think that it's the Philipines), the SARS paranoia has REALLY gotten out of hand...

    http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/abs_news_body.asp?section=Metro&oid=21493 [Broken]

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    I also read the America and Britain are going to do a deal with Tariq Aziz gets new life in Britain if he spills the beans on Saddam Hussein. If it's true, the plan sucks. Aziz is a criminal and should be locked away. He can keep his secrets and in no way deserves a new lifetsyle, no doubt subsidized by taxpayers.
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    Lol, I had to read this twice, for a minute I had a flash back to the USA the first time they started dealing with the Arafat and the PLO.
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    These deals are part of the game.
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    Who gave US authority to declare someone or some organization terrorist ??? Is the world not moving back to uncivilized stone age and is US not playing central role in it?
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    The nations (France I think) who recognised it as a legitimate country give USA the authority. Any nation can declare whoever they want as a terrorist - no one complained when Iraq called the US that... officially, at least. But making it a legal definition is tougher, and even more so on the international level.
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    I’m not very familiar with the People's Mujahideen. I gather it consists entirely of Iranian citizens and wishes to overthrow the oppressive Islamic regime of Iran. In 1997 President Clinton added them to the list of terrorist groups. This was done to appease the newly elected, and perceived to be enlightened, president of Iran. For certain this group has targeted and attacked Iranian Government facilities. I’m not sure whether they have targeted civilians or attacked outside Iran. I’m inclined to think they are fighting a civil war rather than committing terrorist acts.

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    When we don't need them anymore, aAmerica will pull its usual flip-flop and declare them terrorists again. When is the government going to learn?!?
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    EEEEEH! Wrong.

    The MEK are terrorists, of the kind that have been around hundreds of years. They typically blow up buildings and assassinate people, especially in Tehran -- yknow, your usual terrorist activities.

    If you're inclined to like them because they're pro-West, don't -- they're Communists. They supported the Islamic Revolution in '79, but disagreed with Khomeini on whether Iran should institute Marxist "reforms." Result: Khomeini had their leaders killed; they then fled to Iraq, allied with Saddam, and starting blowing up Iranian citizens. If you want to support a Persian reform movement, try these guys: http://www.iran-daneshjoo.org/

    My family in Iran tells me it's "common knowledge" there that the USA/Iran struck a deal where Iran wouldn't cause problems during the war, in exchange for the USA treating MEK as enemy combatants. This matched up with the news I heard during the war; perhaps this newest development is a result of Iran exerting its influence in trying to shape Iraqi politics.
  12. May 2, 2003 #11

    Thanks for the link. From what I’ve read in the Daneshjoo site, I can whole-heartedly support it. Perhaps you could further educate me ?

    The movement supports:

    - - - A secular, multiparty republic?
    - - - Freedom of religion, press, and speech?
    - - - Executive, representative, and judicial form of government?
    - - - Or a Parliamentary form of government?

    I noted you used “Persian” in your post. Which is correct Persian or Irani?

    Can “Daneshjoo” be translated to English?

    If you choose to answer, do you support the movement?

    Is the populace pro west? Pro US? Pro Afghan war? Pro Iraqi War?

    Re: the MEK:

    Can you cite an objective source for a terrorist act committed by MEK i.e., something that could not be construed as part of a civil war?

    Lastly, it disgusts me to write this, just being a communist does not make one a terrorist although I personally equate the terms.

  13. May 4, 2003 #12
    >>Which is correct Persian or Irani?
    lol, Irani is certainly incorrect -- it's Persian or Iranian, they're pretty much interchangeable. Though technically I suppose Persian is more of a cultural/ethnic term; you would always refer to Iranian Kurds, never Persian Kurds, which would be sort of an oxymoron.

    Daneshjoo means something like "Students Alliance" I think... not sure of the exact translation, it's been a while. I support them in theory, but seeing as I'm a starving grad student in the USA, my "support" doesn't count for much. The populace of Iran is like 50 million people, of widely varying opinions... if I had to make a horribly stereotypical blanket statement, I would say the general feeling is very negative re leadership and policies of the USA/west but positive towards their people and the countries themselves. The feeling in the villages is a lot more conservative than that of the educated class in Tehran (including my relatives) or the LA Iranian community.

    You can google and find plenty of refs for MEK (also called MKO) bombings etc... it can't be part of a civil war, as there is no civil war. They are more of a guerrilla group that uses terrorist tactics, like Hezbollah, I suppose, but most people are perfectly willing to call Hezbollah a terrorist group.
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