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USAPhO (F=ma) preparation

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    I'm new to this forum, and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. If that is the case, could someone tell me?

    I have several questions regarding USAPhO prep, so I'd appreciate suggestions from people who have done USAPhO before. So, I'm relatively new to physics (I'm taking AP Physics C: Mechanics and doing some other mechanics stuff on my own but have never participated in USAPhO before), but have considerable experience in math competition (AMC) and math in general.

    I currently have the books Physics 4th edition by Giancoli and University Physics, 13th edition with Modern Physics by Young and Freedman. I also found 2007-2010 exams from the AAPT website (F=ma and Quarterfinals and Semifinals).

    • Are there other textbooks that you would recommend as preparation?
    • Are there other contests that are of similar difficulty/style that I could use for preparation? I've heard Asia Physics Olympiad and International Physics Olympiad as suggestions, but I'd like more opinions.
    • Are there books/collections of problems/solutions from USAPhO or other contests for sale? Where could I find them, if any?

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