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USB controlled I/O

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    I need to find a way to control via usb something like 20 ins and outs.
    Don't have any idea what to do next. :\

    Any help is more than welcomed.

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    You could use something like an arduino - a standalone small single chip computer with lots of I/O pins and a usb - and write something yourself
    or you could buy a USB data acquisition board from someone like National Instruments

    Do you want easy, cheap or industrial certified.
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    Can I control the Arduino with c#?
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    The arduino itself is programmed in 'sort of' C - with it's own free development tools. A program to just receive a word on the serial port and turn on the appropriate pins would only be a dozen lines.
    Then you c# program on the pc just has to write words to the USB, normally you would install a driver to make the USB look like a serial port.
    If this is for real work rather than just a project it's probably easier to just buy a USB daq board with a driver.
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    Thanks for all your help!

    I'll start working on it.

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