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USB Programming

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    I have a odds and ends question for anyone who wants to share knowledge. I just got done with a project doing serial port programming, and I want to take what I learned and expand that.

    Is there any environment that is more or less a sandbox for USB communications? If you're familiar with serial programming, this is kind of what I'm looking for... something where you can select a USB port and send command strings over the line.

    Alternately, are there any libraries available (particularly in maybe Java, PHP, Perl, Ada) that allow for USB communications?

    I guess finally alternately, does anyone know of a good tutorial to the Windows API for USB programming (I assume there must be such a thing).

    I've looked for the above and can't come up with anything.
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    Every major applications programming language has a USB library these days. Skip PHP, Perl, and Ada, since they are not generally considered applications programming languages. Java has several thid-party USB libraries which come up as the first result in a Google search for "Java USB."

    - Warren
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    Wow, thanks.

    Funny that stuff doesn't come up when you search "Java USB library".
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    java usb programming for windows

    hello frnz
    im working with java application programming for USB...i need steps to install java USB based API for windows...i have downloaded javax-usb-ri.rar
    i need to know how to proceed further to develop application.i found one application named RunUSBControllerTest which came along with api downloads worked well when i run in command promt it created class files and executed properly,but under netbeans the same code showed multiple errors mentioning class not found on following lines
    import usb.core.*;
    import usb.windows.*;
    import java.io.IOException;
    import usb.test.ControllerUSBListener;
    i cant run any other applications in command mode other than the one that came along with the package of usb api...
    can any one tell me how and where should i put jar file,properties file, jsr80...simply saying i need help to develop simeple application to test usb port.
    steps to put jar file and properties file...just like working with rs232
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