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Usb to rs232 serial cable

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    hello ,
    I want to burn hex code from Laptop to p89v51rd2. but I don't have usb to rs232 serial cable

    laptop -aspire746
    os- window 7
    serial port
    microcontroller nxp89v51rd2
    compiler - keil
    programer software - flesh magic
    com port 1
    baud rate 9600
    interface - none ISP
    max RS232IC

    usb to rs232 serial cable is not available in my place so I used two cable to burn hex code I have driver cd
    programmer circuit +Db9 male connector +db9female connector------cable-----db9 female+db9male--able --- usb port to laptop port

    Q1 it will work or tell me way how to burn hex code ?

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