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USB Turntable Opinions?

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    Looks interesting. Unfortunately they do not really say much about the turntable mechanics. It looks like it may be pretty good, hard to tell. The price is not prohibitive, I'd say go for it.. let me know how it works. o:)

    I had pretty good luck capturing vinyl using a headphone out jack to my sound card. I usedhttp://audacity.sourceforge.net/" to capture. Unfortunately the turntable I now have is pretty basic, my had never used anything other then a Shure stylus tracking at .75g. I got separated from my good turntable during my trip to Pa (in your neighborhood) back in '86. The new one looks like something you would tape a dime to for tracking force adjustment. :yuck:
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    You know what I would do? Find a A/V shop that will rent you a professional quality DJ turntable, one with line out (not phono out), and use a decent-quality sound card to capture the sound from it.

    Voila -- you'll get better sound quality than with these $100 pieces of crap, and you won't waste $100 on a piece of crap you'll never use again.

    - Warren
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