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Homework Help: Use binomial theorem to prove

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    Use binomial theorem to prove

    C(n,0) - 3(C(n,1)) + 9(C(n,2) - 27(C(n,3) + ... + (-3)^n(C(n,n) = (-2)^n

    From looking at the data given b = (-3) so a = 1 so (-2)^n = (1-3)^n

    With this I know the equation in sigma notation and could probably prove the theorem through mathematical induction but I'm not certain that is what they are looking for in this case....


    I proved n=1 and assumed n = k, so do I need to prove n= k+1 through mathematical induction?
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    Doesn't writing out the expression for [tex](1+x)^n[/tex] where x=-3 constitute proof?

    edit: it's [tex](1+x)^n[/tex]
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