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Use black holes as energysource

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    I thought if you could create small black holes in particle accelerators, is it possible to charge them and put them in charged cells in a sphere. In the middle of the sphere you put radioactive material that emit neutrons. My theory is that the black hole can never have maximum acceleration as long as there are masses around them, and therefore they can emit photons. if they would emit photones and "eat" neutrones so that they have constant mass, could they be used as an energy source or is it allready impossible to create the sphere?

    I am counting on that the number of photons the black hole emit per second is proportional with the surface area of the black hole and not its volume.
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    That post is mostly gibberish, but in theory a black hole could be used as a power source: Throw matter into it and it emits x-rays. Harness the X-rays.
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    Even if the matter you throw in is a black hole?

    Why should a black hole not be able to emit energy under the influence of gravity? Can you explain in words how that is?
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