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Use latex

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    Use of "Latex"


    I want to use Latex.I never heard about latex before.

    If it runs on my computer:

    1)Where can I download the files I need.

    2)How to install

    3)Where can I find the source code for writing the mathematical expressions.

    My computer:

    O.S/:Windows 2000,service pack 4,windows installer 3.1

    Mem: 256 MB

    Thank you.
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    MikTeX is about the most well-known and easy installable LaTeX distributions for Windows: http://miktex.org/
    You will want an editor to edit your files and quickly produce PDF files from them with a single click / shortcut. I wrote my own one, but I think WinEdt is a famous one. Or you can just use Windows Notepad and invent your own system to easily run the sources through LaTeX.

    To learn the structure / syntax / etc I can really recommend the NSSITL.
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    use of latex


    I have downloaded miktex 2.7(basic) and AMS latex.

    They are both installed,but how I start the two programs,and write math.expressions.

    I know maybe it is easy,but for me everything is new.

    Thanks for your help
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    You now need a front end to use miktex.

    I like texmaker-- http://www.xm1math.net/texmaker/

    You should know that it won't work and compile tex (to generate dvi, ps or pdf) until you start a new file and save it. You will also probably need to get a book teaching you stuff, it has a steep learning curve, which at least the helpful menus in texmaker help to mitigate.

    I rec Lamport's book-- https://www.amazon.com/LaTeX-Document-Preparation-Addison-Wesley-Techniques/dp/0201529831/
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    matt grime

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    Just google 'introduction to latex' there are many pages explaining how to do this, and many books available to help you. There are tex user groups (TUG) to help you, and even good old fashioned newsgroups dedicated to the enterprise.
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    yes, best way to learn is to get texmaker or winedt or similar (I prefer texmaker).

    Then just google "introduction to latex" and you'll find plenty of tutorials. There are many ways to create pdf and ps documents by using LaTeX so try to use texmaker as much as possible in the beginning.

    Then it is easy to find example files etc. so you can get started quick.

    I taught myself in this way, everything is on the internet.

    miktex is not a program itself, one needs an enviroment to create latex documents, or you just create -tex files with your favorite editor and compile it in dos.
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    thank you very much.I try it out.
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    I start to understand the structure of latex.Icreated my first latex file with an editor.

    I runned latex on the tex file and I got dvi file.With preview I could see the text in ps or Pdf.

    It was a downloaded example.

    1)I run latex from from the prompt c:\ you click in windows on cmd
    2)can you start latex in an other way
    3)you get always a DVI file as output

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    You can run dvips on the DVI file, and then ps2pdf to get a PDF.
    But if you want to produce PDF (which I think is most common these days), instead of using "latex" on your input file, you run it through "pdflatex" and get PDF right away.
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