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Use of biometric in IT

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    now biometrics are widely used in access control and network admin control.
    they are not just used as attendance machine, but utilized as network access control and for security of personal computer access control.
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    Hello mantra and welcome to the forums.

    Are you trying to ask a question or are you trying to get our views on biometric technologies?
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    provide anything you can share

    yes please share your views on future projections.
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    Re: provide anything you can share

    It is hard to say.

    The issue is not so much a technological issue, but more of a privacy and ethical issue.

    In terms of classifying and searching for matches within a large database of results, techniques like wavelets are used currently for doing this kind of thing with fingerprints, and there is a lot of active research both pure and applied in this area.

    The problem that I see is whether people will accept this. This is not a technological issue, but a social one.

    The thing is that with any security protocol, the actual mechanism in this case which is checking that the biometric data against the hash stored on some computer being the same is a minor issue.

    A large part of security is focused not on the strength of the verification protocol, but instead on everything else. I'll talk about this in the context of password based systems.

    Let's say you are trying to analyze your standard password based system. You might find that despite the encryption techniques, and password structure requirements that are put in place (upper and lower case characters, numbers, high length and so on), the security may actually be very bad if everyone gets out a Post-It note and writes their password on it and sticks it on their monitor. You might laugh at something like this, but it has happened.

    Also the security system might include some kind of "super-key" which when used, allows the user to bypass the system and get access to the raw material, or reset passwords.

    If the implementation for the security manager did not have something like this, then basically if someone forgot or lost their password, then if their data was encrypted with that password, you would never get it back if the encryption protocol was anything standard grade or above.

    With that being said, there will always be people who have an interest in anything security related and that will always involve governments and large corporations, so at least for these two entities, the biometric security is probably on their radar, but having said that I wouldn't be surprised what kind of ideas and implementations of security products they have at their disposal.
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    launch of new hand held biometric

    recently we launched a new hand held biometric, which can register in time and out time through fingerprint and can transfer data across cellular network with the help of sim card.

    such kind of http://mantratec.com/attendance-machine-BioTime1.html" [Broken] are widely used by big companies where their project sites are situated in far remote locations.

    in such areas internet and electricity are not available, so we can register in time and out time any where with battery enabled machine.

    this machine is not meant for access control.
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