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Use of dampers in engine

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    can someone help on this..
    in a two wheeler automobile engine, What does a damper inside the clutch and magneto cover do...
    it is a rubber stripe fastened to the wall of covers..
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    You are talking about a rather specific engine, and it may well be that no one here is familiar with that particular engine (what is a two wheeler automobile?) If you can post photographs of these parts, it may well be possible to get some educated guesses, even if no one is really directly familiar with the specific engine.
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    can anyone tell about how to calculate forces on uprights used in ATV
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    This seems to be entirely unrelated to the original post. Why not start a new thread?
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    i hve no idea about how to start a new thread...can anyone plse help???
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    jack action

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    Click on the button ┬źNEW TOPIC┬╗ on the top left corner of the thread list of any forum (your subject might be better suited for the Automotive Engineering forum). I also suggest you to be a little bit more specific if you want to have meaningful answers.
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    The best I was able to manage was the component on which the damper is fit/location in which it is fitted.

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