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Use of geometry

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    I want to know what I can do with learning degree measure theorem, Thales theorem, Loci, Similarity, Congruence, etc? :cry:
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    The mathematics you're talking about is basic mathematics. You'll need to learn much more to be able to use it. It's like learning your alphabets. Be patient and one day you'll be illuminated.
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    Yeah...what he said.

    For what it's worth, you're just now entering a world beyond your imagination: the wonderful world of mathematics.
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    Ok what do I do learning all the other geometry??
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    Buy a good book :) eg: www.amazon.com/www.amazon.co.uk/etc[/URL]..
    Or just search the web :)

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    Geometry: From Euclid to Knots by Saul Stahl
    is this a goog book?
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    Geometry: From Euclid to Knots by Saul Stahl
    is this a good book?
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    i have not read that book.

    the value of concepts like congruence and similarity is that they identify properties that different shapes have in common. when this is noticed then other properties that these figures have in common can be derived. this saves work in understanding these shapes. i.e. something learned about one of them can be carried over to another.

    similarity is especially useful. and proportionality. for example if you know that volume of similar figures increases as the cube of their sides, you can learn the volume of a large object by measuring the voilume of a small similar object and scaling up according to the cube of the increase in the side. i.e. if you make it three times longer it will become 27 times as voluminous.

    so a man twice your height would perhaps be 8 times as heavy as you are.

    this is a very powerful idea.
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    Ok. What are you people doing with all the geometry you have learnt??
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    Use it to help us learn more.
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    I am a professional algebraic geometer. I write research papers, talk about interesting geometry questions with other researchers and students, and learn as much as I can. In the meantime I teach college and some high school, or even elementary school students about algebra, geometry, calculus, real and complex analysis, differential equations, logic and proof, algebraic and differential topology, cohomology and sheaves, algebraic varieties, complex manifolds, abelian varieties and theta functions. A big gap in my knowledge is lie groups and their lie algebras, as well as fourier analysis and group representations. Partial differential equations is another gap, but I have made a lot of use of the heat equation and Laplace's equation in geometry.

    My career in this subject has led me on enjoyable invited visits to France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Canada, and Japan, most of which I had never been to before. Geometry has enriched my life. My favorite special occasion wine is Isosceles, from Justin, Paso Robles. I admit a different profession would have provided more income for such pleasures, but geometry itself is a great pleasure. I also get a lot of pleasure from reading and responding to questions and replies posted here.
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