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Use of IC CD4007

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    I have to implement CD,CS,CG MOSFET amplifiers. I have discrete IC's such as 2N4351 and BS170. I also have CD4007 IC. How to use CD4007 to implement single stage MOSFET amplifiers. I have seen Datasheet of CD4007, it has 3 NMOS and 3 PMOS transistors connected in cmos fashion. As I will be needing only NMOS, what to to do of the PMOS transistor? should i just keep them open?

    Also i have query regarding giving VDD supply ? if i am using only M3 do i need to give a separate VDD as in general we connect +VDD to pin 14 only

    Thanks in advance
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    Try read this
    http://www.sentex.ca/~mec1995/tutorial/xtor/xtor10/xtor10.html [Broken]
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