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Homework Help: Use Simulink to check the step response of a control system

  1. Dec 10, 2013 #1
    1. I have to use Simulink to check the step response of a state feed-back design (controller) and state estimator (observer). I did the problem and got matrices that I need for the desired poles but I'm not sure how to use Simulink to do them.

    3. I really don't want to post the exact vales to my question but I can if I have to. I just need some help in Simulink and drawing the block diagram for my system and get the step response. I used the desired poles and used the matching coefficient method to come with the values for the G (state-feedback) and K (state estimator matrices. Any good examples would be appreciated.

    I have a 4-th order system and the system is stable, controllable and observable.
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