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Useful links.

  1. May 13, 2003 #1
    A good site for uploading and linking photos. Allows 50MB for free, 5MB maximum file size and you can hot link to the files.

    http://hyperphoto.photoloft.com/canon.asp?s=cano [Broken]

    Software for cropping, sizing, viewing and editing images. Also free.

    http://www/irfanview.com [Broken]
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    Re: Thank you Tyger!!

    Heheh...everybody loved your pictures from pf2...Work At Home Moms (WAHM) web hosting site also allows for remote-linking...not 50 megs of free space though, thanks Tyger!

    EDIT: Just realized I was in the astronomy forum...this doesn't seem to fit, but hey, thanks anyways:wink:
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    I tried too

    but I think is has to do with board settings and not the image URLs. I think Admin has to approve them.
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    The box at the bottom says code is ON/OFF....maybe you have to be special to get it on in other boards:smile:
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    https://www.physicsforums.com/images/top_bar_02.gif [Broken]

    works for me
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    http://www.graham-collins.co.uk/images/eyes.gif [Broken]

    Me too:smile:
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    http://www.graham-collins.co.uk/images/eyes.gif [Broken]
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    OH...yeah, the link provided doesn't allow for remote linking in PF form....you could try http://starphoto.starblvd.net/ [Broken] if you wanted, I hear it has remote linking.
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    Well, I tried some more too

    and couldn't get the images to come up. I can for a regular HTML page, but I know that some forums don't link to asp's (active server pages) so that may be the problem. neither the [ img ] or img src code work, it always converts to the URL. I noticed that Gregs imager has the img src code, by looking at the source code for the page.
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    there was a site that gives you 500 m.b space for free it was www.zden.com but it is no more working
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    That because the forum converts the tags to html tags during the server processing.
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    I'll go sign up at the post kyle_soule gave us and see if it will work over there.

    Oh, and as for useful links, well, I like the free stuff
    Ulead is giving stuff away and their photo explorer is pretty good;

    For freebie ebooks;
    http://www.ebooksonus.com/ [Broken]

    Freebie tutorials;

    If anyone knows a site where I can transmute some binary data streams into gold, would you kindly shoot me a link!
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    http://photo.starblvd.net/~boulderhead/1-1-1.jpg?i=1055271458&pw=*63813EC2EACA [Broken]
    Nope, StarPhoto won't work either,:frown:

    It's looking like to get what I want I'll have to shell out some wampum

    I deleted my earlier posts because I felt they were nothing but a waste of space in this otherwise pretty niffy thread...
    ...More Freebies anyone?
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