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Useful links.

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    A good site for uploading and linking photos. Allows 50MB for free, 5MB maximum file size and you can hot link to the files.


    Software for cropping, sizing, viewing and editing images. Also free.

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    Re: Thank you Tyger!!

    Heheh...everybody loved your pictures from pf2...Work At Home Moms (WAHM) web hosting site also allows for remote-linking...not 50 megs of free space though, thanks Tyger!

    EDIT: Just realized I was in the astronomy forum...this doesn't seem to fit, but hey, thanks anyways:wink:
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    I tried too

    but I think is has to do with board settings and not the image URLs. I think Admin has to approve them.
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    The box at the bottom says [​IMG]
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    works for me
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    Me too:smile:
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    OH...yeah, the link provided doesn't allow for remote linking in PF form....you could try http://starphoto.starblvd.net/ if you wanted, I hear it has remote linking.
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    Well, I tried some more too

    and couldn't get the images to come up. I can for a regular HTML page, but I know that some forums don't link to asp's (active server pages) so that may be the problem. neither the [ img ] or img src code work, it always converts to the URL. I noticed that Gregs imager has the img src code, by looking at the source code for the page.
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    there was a site that gives you 500 m.b space for free it was www.zden.com but it is no more working
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    That because the forum converts the [​IMG]
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