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  1. I have received a couple of e-mails from PF members recently. First of all, if my e-mail address is visible to others, I would like to suppress that. But even if it is not visible, I do not wish to respond to these e-mails because I don't want to broadcast my e-mail address. I would PM my response, but I don't know their user names. I suggest that when an e-mail is sent via PF, the user name be attached to the message. That way I can contact the person without revealing my e-mail address.
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  3. Evo

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    You need to go into your user preferences and disable "receiving e-mail from other members"

    Go to My PF, "Messaging & Notification" uncheck "Receive Email from Other Members"
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  4. George Jones

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    I just tried this. Using a test account available to Mentors, I sent an email to PF member George Jones. The test account was unable to see the email address of George Jones. I received an email from PFmember@Physics Forums. You should be able to PM PFmember.
  5. How embarrassing. No one can send me an e-mail through PF because I have already turned it off. The e-mails that were sent to me came because I had put my e-mail address into one of my posts. Not embarrassing enough? Make that three separate posts. Never mind.
  6. dlgoff

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    If you haven't done so, I think you could ask a mentor to remove the address.

    Physics Forums Global Guidelines
  7. jtbell

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    Hit the "Report" button on those posts, add a few words explaining why, and we'll be happy to delete the e-mail addresses for you.

    Using "Report" instead of a PM ensures that we all see it and have a chance to act on it, instead of it maybe languishing unread in somebody's PM box for a while.
  8. Evo

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    Shhhh, Ixnay on the eefray edits! I already *fixed* Jimmy. All for the low low price of $50 per edit, paid in advance, of course.

    (Evo will get that electric meat smoker any day now)
  9. Mark44

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    You're smoking electric meat, now?

    Oh, wait, I'll bet you mean electric (meat smoker), not (electric meat) smoker. :devil:
  10. turbo

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    You didn't demand dark Belgian chocolate? I had to pay a lot to ship that stuff. PayPal would have been easier.

    Never ask Evo for a favor!
  11. My problem is fixed. However, the thread in which I had put my e-mail address has the e-mail addresses of a lot of other people too.
  12. Fredrik

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    I was able to see the email address of a member who sent me a PF email in August. I don't think he wanted me to, considering how hostile he had been. The email I got was from <username> It looked like this:
    This is a message from <username> at Physics Forums ( ). The Physics Forums owners cannot accept any responsibility for the contents of the email.

    To email <username>, you can use this online form:<user id number>

    OR, by email:
    mailto:<his email address at a university in germany>

    This is the message:

    <message text>
  13. turbo

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    Spam 'em! Spam 'em good!
  14. rhody

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    Jimmy being unwittingly responsible for spamming and phishing assaults on equally unwitting PF members, gotta love it (only kidding Jimmy, only kidding).

    Rhody... :redface: :tongue:
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