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User Profile Issues

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    When I clicked on my own user name on one of my posts and was taken to my profile, I checked out the "view threads started by cepheid" link. Included in the list are 10 or so threads in the sub forum "Technology News".

    I never started any of these threads

    What's going on?

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    jimmy p

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    Someone has stolen your identity. Or you are a compulsive liar.
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    PM Greg about it. If someone is posting under your identity (do you post from public computers where you may have forgotten to log out?), then he needs to know about it to help you clear up the problem.
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    Very strange, especially since 9 of the threads were created on 8-28-04 at 9:53pm. That's one fast typist!!! :biggrin:
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    Gremlins :eek:
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    Maybe you just don't remember starting them.
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