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Complaint Users who solicit via the PM system

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    I am receiving numerous private messages attempting to 'sell' me physics solutions. I find there is really no proper way to report such behavior.

    See attached.

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    Report each such infraction IMMEDIATELY to the moderators.

    PF moderators are no sissies.
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    I can't make out the member name.
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    Thank you for reporting that.

    Please, anyone that receives a solicitation, an unwanted PM, or visitor message, PLEASE report them so we can stop them.

    Our goal is to make sure that our members are not receiving unwanted contacts, but we need your help to stop it.
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    Since there is no "report" feature associated with PMs, for those wondering HOW to report such PMs, just forward the PM to whichever mentor is most convenient for you. They can then post it in the mentor's forum for discussion or deal with it directly, whichever seems most approapriate.
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    Sorry for the late reply-- Thanks for the assistance :)
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