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Using A Centigram Balance

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    I'm trying to use online lab software to do my assignment but I'm not sure if I'm doing this right...

    I'm to measure a copper slug (I think that's what it is) using a Centigram Balance. There are three rulers or whatever they are on this thing...the one in the very back is at 0, the one in the middle is at 2, and the one in the front is at .3. Would that be 2.3? And if so, is that 2.3 centigrams?

    EDIT: Same thing...if I'm weighing something and the back ruler goes to 40, the middle 5, and the front .2, would that equal 45.2?
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    You could be reading it right. It is difficult for any of us to help you more without more information. Are there any identifying markings on the balance that indicate the range on each ruler? Can you post some pictures of balance? or an "open" weblink to it?
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    Never mind, I went on with the assignment and I believe I did it correctly. I was just posting here to make sure but I went on ahead after waiting a bit since I needed to turn it in. I'll just keep my fingers crossed.:biggrin:
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    Hi Angelshare, I was loooking at your post and i found that I'm actually doing the same lab but i dont really understand, can u help me please if you have that lab answer still!!!!!!
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